We will get to the truck - and also Fever Time Blowfish Style - in a moment. First: Everything about this family arrangement is ooky. From EW:

In an in-depth interview with Vanity Fair, Mia Farrow was asked if Ronan Farrow, long described as the only biological child of Farrow and Woody Allen, might actually be the son of on-and-off love Frank Sinatra. Farrow replied, “Possibly.”

You’d think that would be something you’d know one way or the other. Imagine waking up to finding that in the news. Well, the kid won Twitter today:

In related celebrity news:

VIDEOThe British Transport Police would like to kindly remind you that the crossing gate is down for a reason. Carry on:

That was short, so here’s another. It’s sped up slightly, which exacerbates the frustration and imports a sense of disgust.

UPDATE Surprise: all those stern warnings about shutting off your Kindle were based on nonsense, or misinformation. Or both. Anyway, nevermind! The Verge says:

A special United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) panel has been discussing loosening in-flight electronics restrictions. After recommending to the FAA that it let airline passengers use their smartphones, e-readers, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices uninterrupted during flight, the panel is now endorsing Wi-Fi use. The Wall Street Journal reports that the 28-member committee has determined that Wi-Fi use is essentially safe regardless of what applications are running on devices and the altitude of the plane.

Did they have studies before that said the opposite, or was this all based on a ruse to make you pay attention during landing and takeoff? I’m starting to wonder what else isn’t true. Oxygen will not come out of the emergency masks. It’ll be sleeping gas.

While we’re on the subject: why aren’t boarding passes laid out like this? I love the idea, but here’s the problem: it’s a few hours before the flight, you’re printing off the pass before you head to the airport, but your printer is lying about being low on Cyan again, and won’t print anything. I always print mine off the day before, but “a quick trip to Staples” isn’t one of the things I want to put on my checklist for the next day.

AGAIN WITH THIS In advance of Stephen King’s “Shining” sequel, a Salon writer goes back and examines the relationship between the book and the movie. Headline: What Stanley Kubrick got wrong about “The Shining”. Subhead:Stephen King has always disliked Stanley Kubrick's film of "The Shining," and he has a point.

Why? Because the main character is cold and comes pre-crazed for your convenience, and Shelley Duvall just shrieks a lot. Granted. Now let us never speak of this again. The only thing about which I am less interested than the deification of Kubrick - not the study, but the elevation to godhood - is the disappointment King had with the movie. We get it. It’s the “Han shot first” of the cineaste’s world.

APPS How much will you pay for an app? Quartz has a number, and it’s even lower than the loneliest one. Zero dollars. Zero.

Now that more than half of all iPhone users have downloaded and perhaps even figured out iOS 7, users are busy re-downloading their favorite apps. Many of those apps have been substantially re-written for the new operating system, a process that costs time and money. That’s why some apps, like Clear, a to-do list app, are requiring users to buy the app again, in effect punishing older users for wanting to upgrade.  That’s where the trouble begins. Users don’t like paying for apps in the first place. The chances they will pay for an app a second time are slim.

If they do pay, they’ll pay a dollar. Tops. That’s it. By the way, I ran across a press release for an EXCITING new game where you SHOOT THINGS and it’s called MARINE. I was expecting Doom-style action, and the press release’s breathless mention of FEVER TIME made it sound as if you could go amok. Well. From the App Store:

Hmm. Let's see some in-game shots.

Let's Fever Time?