A $2,000 bottle of Coke?

The last of the cute, little 6.5 oz. glass returnable Coke bottles rolled off the line in Winona Tuesday. The Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Winona was the last manufacturer in the country of the iconic bottle.
And the last bottle was sold in an auction for attendees. The price: $2,000.
As for the rest of the last run, those Coca-Cola filled bottles will be sold at the bottling plant for $20 beginning Oct. 15. Proceeds will be donated to restoration of the biking and walking path around Lake Winona. Click here for more details.
Ironically enough, the end comes, as there’s a push for smaller pop portions (think New York’s new limits), more recycling and more informed decisions (pop machines listing calories.)
Fourteen years later, Rochester finally broke ground on a new Regional Public Safety Training Center.
"It's been on life support several times," former Olmsted County Sheriff Steve Borchardt told some  75 people gathered for the groundbreaking, according to the Rochester Post-Bulletin. 
The nearly $3 million center is scheduled to open in the fall of 2013. For the full story, go here
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