If you haven't perused the Deadspin interview with Dave Duerson -- who committed suicide last week at the age of 50 -- you should really do so. It happened about three months ago. It's haunting. It will make you think very poorly of Buddy Ryan. And we'll leave you with the opening, in Duerson's words:

I have never jumped from a perfectly good aircraft. I had intended to do that for my 40th birthday, and my mom talked me out of it. She had seen video of me bungee jumping, and it messed her up. So that actually was my plan for my 50th, but I'm up here in the D.C. area right now at my fiancée's home, and the weather's not conducive. But I will do it before my 51st birthday. Somewhere over the course of these next 365 days I will definitely jump out of a perfectly good aircraft.

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