Many readers don't like when we sprinkle in a little politics on this blog from time to time. But a great many of you have also noticed there is a candidate for U.S. Senate from Kentucky named Rand Paul. What to do? We had to sprinkle away.

A short while ago, we sent Rand Paul a contact letter via his web site. Who knows if we'll be hearing back from him -- seriously, the guy has been trending on Twitter for a good portion of the day, so he probably has his hands full -- but it was worth a shot. Here is the letter:

A great number of my regular readers have noticed the obvious similarity between the name of the sports blog I do for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune (RandBall) and the candidate's name (Rand Paul). If Mr. Paul was available for a brief interview, or even a statement on the humorous coincidence, I would love to publish it. Thanks in advance,

Michael (RandBall) Rand

Generally speaking, you'll probably find Rand Paul and RandBall on different sides of the issues. If, say, a moderator asked us about term limits, for instance, Rand Paul would likely answer (based on his printed stance): Long term incumbency leads to politicians who seem to care more about what is best for their career than what is best for their country, while we would probably answer, "We're glad Joe Mauer signed for eight years, and if he's still productive at the end of his contract, we see no reason why the Twins shouldn't sign him up for a few more seasons as to ensure he's a Minnesota Twin for life."

On the Rand Paul blog (!), he also responds to what his site terms "liberal media attacks." More than one person, on the other hand, might say the RandBall blog is part of the vast liberal media conspiracy.

So there are some bridges to cross. But we hope we can bring these two similar-sounding entities together. It's just too much fun. We'll let you know as further events develop.

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