Two different folks sent this to us. You know what that means. First, the AP story. Video to follow:

It's not every day a play from a middle school football game goes viral.
Driscoll Middle School in Corpus Christi, Texas, pulled it off with a trick play over the weekend that's become an Internet sensation.
Driscoll was trailing Wynn Seale 6-0 in the fourth quarter of Saturday's city championship game. Coach Art Rodriguez decided it was time to run the "penalty play."
His quarterback, Jason Garza, got Wynn Seale to jump offsides with a long snap count. T he referee marked off five yards, and that's when Rangers sprang their ruse.
An assistant coach yelled that referees needed to mark off five more yards, and he told Garza to get the ball and do it himself. Garza nonchalantly asked his center to hand him the ball over his shoulder — a legal snap. He took five casual steps through the unaware Wynn Seale defense, then sprinted for the end zone.
For all the buzz, it didn't pay off in the end. Wynn Seale won the game



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