From the AP (our bold):

A Brazilian player was taken to a police station after using a photographer's camera stand to hit an opponent during a brawl in a regional championship match in northeastern Brazil. Television images showed reserve Aguia midfielder Alexandre Carioca striking Remo defender Aldivan in the back as players from both teams in the Para state professional tournament shoved each other near the sidelines following a heated ball dispute. Carioca then picked up the monopod stand near him and came running to hit Aldivan as he bent down to tie his bootlaces. Aldivan collapsed in pain and had to be briefly taken to a hospital for exams. Carioca later was freed from police custody because Aldivan didn't want to press charges.

We don't watch much WWE -- not nearly as much as some of our fellow media members on Twitter -- but we'd have to say that rivals anything that could happen in the ring.

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