We can all agree that if Tiger Woods stopped doing any commercials, any golfing, any anything right now, he would still live lavishly for the rest of his life. (As long as he's still living, of course). That said, it's still interesting to note the results of this survey of more than 600 members of the "senior marketing professional community" by the Argyle Executive Forum. The question: 

Given the information you have at the current time, would you keep or change your celebrity endorsement business relationship with Tiger Woods if you were currently using him in your campaigns?

The responses:

I would maintain my relationship (22%)

I would reduce my relationship (14%)

I would increase my relationship (2%)

I would suspend my relationship (37%)

I would cancel my relationship (25%)

Add it up, and that's 76 percent who would either reduce, suspend or cancel (with 62 percent being either suspend or cancel). Again, these are people not directly involved in currently using Woods, so these are hypotheticals. But it is interesting to think about just how much of a hit his image has taken, at least as it comes to how marketers think they could sell him (and their products) to the public. No commercial featuring Woods has aired in almost two weeks. And an on-line bookmaker has even set odds as to which of his sponsors will drop him first. The line?

Gillette +800; Upper Deck and Net Jets +700; Electronic Arts Inc. +500; Nike +400; Accenture +350; TLC Vision Corp +350; Tag Heuer Watches +330; PepsiCo’s Gatorade +250.

According to this report, however, you'd better act fast if you want a piece of that action:

Several of Tiger Woods' corporate sponsors, including Pepsi, Proctor and Gamble, and Gillette, are in meetings Friday discussing whether or not the golf pro's actions in his personal life violated the terms of his multi-million dollar deals, a source close to the situation tells FoxNews.com.

And to think there was a time this year when his biggest problem was Y.E. Yang.

That's it for today. Stay warm out there. Or better yet: don't go outside. That'll show 'em.

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