The world didn't end a couple weeks ago, but apparently that doesn't mean we're in the clear yet. Because E! has given the go-ahead to a reality show about Ryan Lochte, the standout swimmer known more for his brawn than brains (to put it nicely). It will debut in April. And yes, it's called "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?"

Per Hollywood Reporter:

“Ryan Lochte captured everyone's attention at the Summer Olympics with his athletic prowess and his utterly unique and unaffected approach to life," said E! Entertainment president Suzanne Kolb. "He is an incredibly endearing personality who is sexy, entertaining and fun. Watching this show, I believe people will fall into three categories: They want to be him, sleep with him or mother him.”

The six-episode freshman season comes from Intuitive Entertainment (Millionaire Matchmaker), with Mechelle Collins and Kevin Dill serving as EPs alongside Wright Entertainment and Sports' Erika Wright. It will follow Lochte around Gainesville, Fla., where he trains, goes out and continues to add to his collection of more than 150 pairs of sneakers.

Punch him in the face or change the channel because of him are the fourth and fifth unmentioned options. But hey, if you want to watch Lochte try on shoes and go swimming, it's your life you're wasting.


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