This should tell you all you need to know about the Packers and their #IncreasinglyLostSeason. We'll let Stu handle more details as the week goes on, but some early numbers jumped out at us:

The early betting line for the Packers' game at the Giants has Green Bay as a 6-point underdog.

The early betting line when the Vikings played at the Giants last month had the Vikings as a 2.5-point underdog (the line eventually shifted to 4 points).

Now, to be fair, the Giants were winless at the time they played the Vikings, and they have since won three consecutive games. That said, only one of the wins was at all impressive (including the win over the Vikings, which might have been the worst NFL game ever): the 15-7 win over the Eagles.

Taking all qualifiers out of the mix, this just means that Green Bay -- without Aaron Rodgers -- is a bigger underdog than the Vikings were against the Giants. Both games were road games.

We wonder if the line will move at all now that the Packers have signed Matt Flynn. We also wonder if the small Rodgers will make Flynn lose that extra inch again so both are the same height.

Have a nice night!

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