That CLASSIC HEADLINE SCARE TACTIC draws your attention to a story about Jamaal Charles, not Adrian Peterson. Still, Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel's words Monday -- a day after Charles ran for just three yards on six carries before spending the rest of a 35-17 loss staying loose on an exercise bike -- are both chilling and a reminder of how special the two reasonably productive, setback-free games from Peterson have been so far. Both players are coming off ACL tears; AP's, in fact, was three months later. Still, there was this via Crennel from Monday's press briefing on Charles:

He got banged up a little bit ... on his knee.

Same knee as the ACL tear?

Yeah. ... We all saw it. He came down on the turf, came up limping, so we took him out of the game at that time. I talked to him after the game and he said he wanted to go back in, he was feeling OK, he was getting treatment, so I think he'll be ready to play this week.

Charles had a much better game in Week 1 (16 carries, 87 yards), so this could be a minor and unrelated setback. Still, fans hold their breath anytime a guy like Charles (or Peterson) has even a minor setback coming off such a major injury.

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