We would bet a decent amount of money that Roger Clemens is going to pitch in the majors this year. Part of it is logic -- Clemens has power, and he really wants to delay his HOF eligibility by five years so he's not going in with the rest of the PED crew. The rest of it is just how it works with guys like Clemens and Brett Favre. All it takes for the Uncle Ricos of the world is one tiny crack -- one team to show a hint of interest -- and they have the bug again.

Speaking of Favre: He is Clemens. And Clemens is him. Just listen to these quotes buried deep down in the story about Clemens' start tomorrow night for the Sugar Land Skeeters:

Clemens and Skeeters manager Gary Gaetti have been talking about this since April. But he received another push toward the field early this summer when he visited Dr. James Andrews in Florida for a checkup.

"He said: 'The MRI looked great. Your shoulder looks like you're 30. You should go pitch -- just kidding,'" Clemens said Andrews told him.

It was then that he started thinking he could actually play for the Skeeters. After throwing for the team on Monday, the multimillionaire got himself a new gig.

"We're going to have fun with this and see if I can get through a few innings without Gary having to go to the bullpen, and we'll see where it goes from there," Clemens said.

Maybe Brett should go visit Dr. Andrews again, too. He might just get the hankering to throw a football over those mountains.

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