Just a reminder: the RandBall/Pavano Mustache Contest (note: not sanctioned in any way by Carl Pavano, though we hardly think he would be against it) ends Thursday, Aug. 19, at 5 p.m.

Send us a picture of your best summer 'stache growth by then in order to be eligible for a vast array of prizes from the swag vault.

Rocket, who has grown a fearsome facial hair combination, thinks he is going to walk away with this thing without a fight. This is your chance to prove him wrong.

Note: In the spirit of the thing, we have shaved down to a (admittedly wispy) mustache and chin patch while on vacation. It remains to be seen whether a picture of this awful effort will be made public after we return to civilization (and regular blogging) Monday.

Also note: if you were considering seeing "The Expendables," do know that it delivers on all its promised mayhem. Some of us in a group went to see it this afternoon. Others went to "Eat, Pray, Love." You can maybe figure out how the demographics were split.

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