That screen grab from the awards page seems to suggest Kevin Love -- despite setting historical statistical records and playing out of his mind for pretty much all of March -- is not even one of the four nominees for player of the month within his own conference.

This was first brought to light by Seth Kaplan at Fox9. We're trying to figure out how this is possible; first, we thought maybe a player had to be a Player of the Week in that month, but it doesn't seem as though Russell Westbrook or Kobe Bryant fit that criteria.

Maybe the NBA doesn't like 30.9 points, 13.7 rebounds and 44.9 percent three-point shooting? That's all Love did in March.

Thankfully, Wolves PR maven Mike Cristaldi came to the rescue, replying to an e-mail with this: "He is a nominee. ... Think they just put up a few videos of some of the nominees."

Mystery solved, and calamity avoided.

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