Friday's fascinating story asserting that the Vikings might have to play another year in the Dome because of a lease clause triggered by last year's roof collapse has us thinking: Are there other hidden clauses that we all might be overlooking?

It's not that we want the Vikings to remain in the Dome indefinitely. But what if ...

*The entire 1984 season, Les Steckel's one and only as head coach, triggered an "awful stench" clause that erased the 3-13 season from the record books and added another year to the lease?

*A pain and suffering clause could be enacted for the 1998 NFC title game.

*Spergon Wynn played one home game in 2001, a reserve effort against Jacksonville. That has to count for something.

Any other suggestions for potential loopholes, please, in the comments.

(1984 Star Tribune file photo/national treasure features Steckel and then-punter Greg Coleman, now a member of the Vikings Radio Network. You are welcome).

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