Whose face is that?

A) The guy who sells you beer at the corner liquor store (just not on Sunday, still)?

B) A bass player from a moderately successful regional band?

C) A dudebro (or a chadbro, as the 14-year-olds are saying) working the fringes on a Thursday night in Uptown?

D) Shane Battier?

Guys, it's Shane Battier. What does he think of his new lip fruit? True Hoop has you covered:

I don’t know what this is, to be honest with you,” Battier said after Heat practice. “This is how I pass the time in the lulls of a playoff bye week.”

“That’s what happens when you’ve got a layoff when you aren’t playing -- dudes get bored,” Chris Bosh said.

There you have it. The Heat is in the midst of a week off. The NBA is so easy it bores them.

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