It's been a heavy day filled with Wolves hurt, Wild feelings and Hall of Fame talk. Let's end it with a man who wants the NFL playoffs to stop immediately because he doesn't think the Chargers belong. Per the Baltimore Sun:

The San Diego Chargers completed the biggest upset of the NFL's wild-card round, but one man in Pennsylvania is determined to challenge their viability in the playoffs.

Daniel L. Spuck of Mercer, Pa., has filed a motion against the NFL to the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania for "a temporary emergency injunction" on the basis that the Chargers should not have been in the postseason because of a missed call in the Week 17 game between San Diego and Kansas City. The filing came before the first round of the playoffs.

Officials in that game failed to call an illegal alignment formation on the Chargers that would have allowed Kansas City kicker Ryan Succop a re-kick of a 41-yard field goal he missed with eight seconds remaining. Had he made the kick, San Diego's loss would have sent the Pittsburgh Steelers to the postseason as the final wild-card team.

If this succeeds, we will be seeking an injunction for the entire 2013 season because Cordarrelle Patterson was criminally underused early on.

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