genekeadyGregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star has a wonderfully amusing tale about former Purdue men’s basketball coach Gene Keady and his combover (spoiler alert: he no longer has that awful haircut).

Here are a few choice paragraphs:

“It was ugly,” he says. “Everyone was always asking, ‘What is it? Why are you doing it?’ I did it because I was on TV. I did it because I was going bald. I thought I looked gorgeous with the combover. Of course, it was very ugly.”

Well, it was worse than that. It was obvious. It was embarrassing. It was dyed black and wrapped around his head like a turban.It wasn’t even real.

“I had extensions,” Keady tells me, at which point I put the phone down and started throwing up. OK, not really. But still. Extensions?

Keady knew his hair needed work – what, you think a man can just roll out of bed and look like that? – so he brought in his personal hairdresser twice a week during the season to tidy it up. She came with extensions. She came with hair dye. She came with cream.

She left each time with $300.

You read that right. Gene Keady paid $600 a week to have his hair look like that.

We’ll take that math out even further. If Keady did that year-round, he’d be spending more than $30K a year on his hair. Kudos to Keady — who used to have legendary battles with Clem Haskins’ Gophers back in the day — for being such a good sport and for ditching the awful look.

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