NFL free agency starts in earnest Saturday when teams can start contacting players. By Tuesday, they can even start signing them.

What does it all mean? Well, it means a lot of money is about to change hands. And thinks those who buy on a couple of guys with local connections could regret it.

The site lists former Gophers WR Eric Decker as the No. 1 potential offensive "bust."

It lists Vikings DE Jared Allen as the No. 2 potential defensive "bust."

Per the site:

Eric Decker: Perhaps the most obvious candidate of all, really through no fault of his own. Decker is coming off a career-best 87-catch season, which sets him up to break the bank and claim No. 1 receiver money. The problem, of course, is that he’s not really a true No. 1 receiver — Seattle wiped him off the mat in the Super Bowl and even Decker recently admitted that (former?) teammate Demaryius Thomas is on another level by comparison. Decker will be the top WR available, assuming he does not re-sign with the Broncos. And that status coupled with his 24 TD catches over the past two seasons might encourage some team to deem him their go-to guy. His game may not be built for such responsibility.

Jared Allen: Allen has played every game since 2008 and averaged 14.25 sacks per season in that timeframe. In other words, he’s durable and still can wreak havoc in the backfield. His “bust” potential will grow exponentially, though, if a team asks him to take on more of a role than that of a pass-rusher. Allen, 32 next month, should not be counted on as an every-down force anymore.

Neither of those assessments is overly harsh, but we also see both players as remaining productive years into the future. So busts? Probably not.

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