Former Vikings QB Donovan McNabb caused a mini-Twitter stir -- or at least a string of "what the heck is he doing here?" comments -- last night when he showed up at the Wolves/Bulls game at Target Center. As it turns out, it seems as though that's not the only local basketball McNabb has on his mind.

According to the Ultimate Hoops web site, McNabb has signed up to play tonight at the St. Louis Park Lifetime in the Ultimate Hoops League. Per the site:

Has St. Louis Park Ultimate Hoops League Coordinator and Most Dominant Ever General Manager Jason Cooksey made the biggest signing of the new year?

Yesterday rumors were
swirling on Twitter that Cooksey had signed NFL superstar Donovan McNabb to play on his Fall Season 2011 runner-up Most Dominant Ever team. Late yesterday, Cooksey confirmed it on the Ultimate Hoops Minnesota Facebook page.

Welcome back to UH, Donovan.

His first game of the season is slated for 9:30 p.m. tonight. In case you forgot, McNabb played two years as a backup guard for Syracuse while also playing college football there. And he apparently played in an Ultimate Hoops league in Arizona prior to this.

And yes, according to the official team roster, McNabb is listed as a forward and will wear No. 5.

Anyone who obtains photographic or video evidence of McNabb's performance tonight will have a special place in our heart. All bounce pass jokes will need to pass inspection before publication.

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