Our tolerance is low for a few key things, and one of them is the idea of tanking -- losing purposely, or at least losing in a way that cheapens a game.

There are many Vikings fans who still lament the big holiday victory over Washington in 2011 -- one that, in retrospect, "cost" them a chance to draft Robert Griffin III.

Sure, it's tempting to think of what might have been. And sure, we'd all love to see Griffin in purple.

But you know what? You play the game for 60 minutes, and if you win ... you should be happy.

So if the Vikings manage to win tonight -- crazy, we know, but it's actually possible -- don't come crying about future draft implications. Within the context of every game, players have to do everything they can to win. There should be no mandate from management to do otherwise. Now, once a season is lost you can start experimenting with younger players with an eye toward the future.

But if Cordarrelle Patterson and Christian Ponder pull a Toby Gerhart and Joe Webb tonight, accept it. Heck, even embrace it.

Good night.

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