Not to call out a fellow scribe -- we've made more than our share of predictions gone bad -- but we had to chuckle in hindsight when reading this passage from Ken Murray of the Baltimore Sun. He was one of four Tribune Co. writers to weigh on Houston's Brian Cushing, suspended for four games by the NFL and the subject of a re-vote for Defensive Rookie of the Year by the AP:

The AP will, in essence, rescind the award by taking a recount. There is no way Cushing can win in the second ballot as a cheater. The question is, will anyone vote for him at all?

Cushing lost a fair share of votes, but it was announced today that plenty of folks still voted for him. Enough, in fact, that he kept his award.

Frankly, we're a little surprised he retained the award ourselves. But he lesson, as always: cheaters never sometimes win.

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