As you can see by the screen grab on Brett Favre's official web site, he has "no plans to play football" and has not "contacted nor have been contacted by any teams." All reports are said to be innacurate, JUST LIKE HIS 2010 PASSES.

Injured Bears QB Jay Cutler, meanwhile, said the Favre-to-Chicago rumors weren't as crazy as people thought -- but the amount of cash it would have taken to get the ol' Moneyslinger to the Windy City probably would have been crazy. Per ESPNCutler shares the same agent -- Bus Cook -- as Favre, and Cutler said on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000 on Wednesday that he talked to Cook a couple of days ago. "He didn't really expect Brett to come back," Cutler said. "Brett probably would have came back, but I'm sure it would have to be a very, very high number money-wise, and it would have been interesting."

In any event, it seems both outlets buried the lede. Holiday cards from Favre are only $25? That's one-tenth the price of that Packers stock.

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