As you continue to wonder about the future of the Vikings' QB situation, please do read this piece on Jake Locker, the QB many thought he Vikings would take before the Titans scooped him up in 2011 before Minnesota had a chance.

Feeling pretty good about Tennessee quarterback Jake Locker’s development? You should. Among the quarterbacks drafted to pilot franchises in the last three years, Locker and Miami’s Ryan Tannehill—drafted eighth in the 2011 and 2012 drafts, respectively—have been the most improved in the first month of the season. ... I watched the gametape this week. I don’t want to be too quick to say Locker’s accuracy issues are done—he completed 53.9 percent in four years at Washington, and he’s only up to 56.1 for his career in the NFL. He also airmailed a key throw or two against San Diego, particularly one to an open Damian Williams in the end zone on the game-winning drive. But Locker is maturing. You can see his confidence in the pocket. He’s a better decision-maker. He scans the field when he has to. His footwork looks professional, and though his speed is a tremendous weapon outside the pocket, he’s looking to throw first, not escape.

Feel free to weep openly.

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