Stensation snapped that picture for us while out shopping today at a local mammoth retail outlet in Bloomington near the light rail and the place where Minnesota pro sports teams used to play. Guess it's going to be 28 or 69 (anything but 4) if you want to spend a lot to save 15 percent (see how we just cut through the hollow math!).

Speaking of 4, Sassbottom saw our earlier post about crazy things falling into place for the purple this year and sent along a spooky bit about numerology. Spooky because he believes in the power of numbers or spooky because it could be true? You decide.

Childress’ 4th season

Vikings have lost 4 Super Bowls

Brett Favre = 4

Super Bowl = 44

Oh, and just announced, Len Dawson, the winning QB in Super Bowl IV — in which the Chiefs beat the Vikings — will present the Lombardi Trophy to the winner.


So there you have it.

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