Reader Rochfan sends in a poem -- from his iPhone, no less -- indicating his enthusiasm about Sunday's Vikings-Packers game. This seems indicative of much of the purple fandom. What was once threatening to be the least-anticipated Vikings/Packers game since perhaps the 1980s is now a must-see event. Rochfan, take it away:


Look, out yonder
Here comes Ponder
He's come to brighten our day
A great throwing arm
Plus energy and charm
He'll put spirit in every play!

Now the Packer team
Is tough and mean
But they love a really good game
Well, so do we
Just wait and see
The dome won't be the same

Our receivers will receive
Our blockers will block
Our blitzers will blitz
Every minute of the clock
Our kicker will kick
Our sackers will sack
We'll gain that yardage
And never give it back

Our fans will cheer
Loud and clear
The noise will fill the dome
The big game's loomin'
They're only human
And the Vikings are AT HOME

Win or lose
Either way
at the end of the day
We'll wave good bye
We'll smile and sigh,
Nice try, Green Bay

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