Folks seemed to like young Sebastian doing the National Anthem at a U of M volleyball game. Now, to end the day, we give you YouTube sensation Josh Sacco. His recitation of Herb Brooks' famous speech from the 1980 Miracle On Ice (and subsequently the movie "Miracle") has generated almost 2 million views. On Friday, the youngster (he's 5) will perform the ceremonial "Let's Play Hockey" at Friday's Wild game. Here's a little more info about the video and Sacco's subsequent success (from the Wild's press release):

Sacco, a native of the Nashville area, recited the Herb Brooks speech, performed in the movie by actor Kurt Russell, after watching "Miracle" with his father more than 100 times. The video was originally uploaded to YouTube so extended family could watch it, but it has become a must-see for hockey fans everywhere. Sacco has made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, has been shown on ESPN’s SportsCenter, and has also been invited to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Sacco will be the youngest celebrity to ever recite “Let’s Play Hockey.

In honor of the first-ever Cute Kids on YouTube Day here at RandBall, we bring you that video as we close up shop for the evening:

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