Science has come a long way since 1978, when Louise Joy Brown, the world's first successful "test-tube baby," was born.

Despite claims that these children were somehow going to be less natural, in vitro fertilization has instead become mainstream, along with other methods to promote successful pregnancy. An aggregation of 10 international reports tracking Assisted Reproductive Technologies has led the International Committee for the Monitoring of Assisted Reproductive Technology to estimate5 million babies have been born with the help of science and technology.

Though the first test-tube baby was born in 1978, the reported numbers have grown vastly:

by 1990: an estimated 90,000 births worldwide
by 2000: 900,000
by 2007: 2.5 million
by 2013: 1.5 million
And another 900,000 in non-reporting countries.

In the U.S., about 1% of babies are born using IVF or another reproductive technology.

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