We know many of the stories you’ve heard are told from the first generation, but this one is from the third generation. (Let’s clear up something: This story has no televisions or electronics involved whatsoever, because Nana and Papa don’t allow them.)

In 2011, my grandparents bought a cabin in Merrifield, Minn. The reason they bought the cabin was so that they could spend more of their retirement years with their children and grandchildren. We feel that going to the cabin is all fun and games, the old-fashioned way.

Our cabin on Upper Mission Lake is a tiny one, with no TV. That doesn’t bother us because we have a BIG yard, where we see wildlife and nature. Our old-fashioned fun is playing outside, swimming, tubing, having bonfires, taking scavenger hunts and water-skiing.

We usually are dragging everyone to get on the boat, so that we can take a cool dip on a warm summer’s day. Of course, it’s hard being a child, because everyone takes so long to get situated, and we’re burning ourselves on the hot pontoon seats while we wait for everyone to go. We love dragging the tube out for a good, long ride, but our dad always says that tubing comes with a cost — we have to learn to water-ski first. We actually have a pair of homemade water skis that are three generations old, that our grandpa and mom used. After we’re done tearing up the wakes, we finally get to go for a bouncy tube ride.

One of our favorite things to do with our grandparents is make breakfast. Each morning we are ready to start a new day with a good, yummy breakfast. We always wake up to the smell of coffee. Of course, our dad and grandpa are up drinking coffee, and they always get up early. When we wake up, it’s off to work with Grandma, making blueberry muffins. Good old-fashioned pancakes are always good, too. Once we’ve had a hardy breakfast, we always run outside to feel that cool cabin breeze. We always enjoy playing outside, having fun, playing on the swing set or sandbox with our cousins.

So, as you learned throughout this article, kids can still have fun without looking at any screens. We have made so many memories with our grandparents, and we hope to make so many more.

Lainey, 11, and Amelia Olson, 9, Minnetonka