From Fasolamatt:


Decision Science News recently ran some data through a statistical mill to answer the question "If a team wins on one day, what’s the probability they’ll win against the same opponent when they play the very next day?" The answer: it's better to be the home team that lost the day before than it is the visiting team that won the day before. Unfortunately, the "Kevin Slowey did a five and fly and we got lucky" factor was not included in the analysis. (via)

As you monitor the weather situation, ponder these deep statistical questions:

1) Does it really matter that the Wolves didn't win the draft lottery? Other than for Rand's wallet, I mean.
2) Do you think Gardy knows that the Twins are 1-0 with Matt Tolbert starting?
3) Is your enjoyment of baseball greater or lesser than it used to be with all of the new math that now accompanies it?