It had a good message about ignoring Internet trolls and raised money for a good cause (Women’s Foundation of Minneapolis), but the best thing about “Let ’Em Say” was the song itself, a summery, Donna Summer-like anthem produced by Tickle Torture’s Elliott Kozel that proved Lizzo and Caroline Smith work hard for their money even when they’re having fun.

Critics’ other favorite songs ranged from two mellow make-out tunes with Spooky Black, dark and personal hip-hop epics by Mike Mictlan and Atmosphere and more playful romps by newcomers Suzie and White Boyfriend.


1 Lizzo & Caroline Smith, “Let ’Em Say”  (35 voter points)

2 Allan Kingdom, “Wavey” (with Spooky Black) (25)

3 Howler, “Don’t Wanna” (22)

4 Suzie, “Coffin in Houston” (18)

5 Spooky Black,  “Without You” (16)

6 (tie) Haley Bonar, “Kill the Fun” (15)

 Mike Mictlan, “Clapp’d” (15)

8 White Boyfriend, “I’m Breaking Up  With Mr. Smiles” (14)

9 Atmosphere, “Flicker” (12)

10 Waveless, “Nausea  (Song for Proski)” (11)