It’s 10-foot-pole day in Congress.

Facing a crucial decision Tuesday about whether to back President Obama’s tax deal with congressional Republican leaders, there’s been hardly a peep this morning out of anybody in the Minnesota delegation, save Democratic Rep. Betty McCollum, who’s definitely opposed.

“This is a deal that will continue to explode the deficit while the rich get richer and struggling middle class families get crumbs,” McCollum said. “The Republicans successfully held unemployed Americans hostage to give even more tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires.”
Others are less definitive.
On the other side of the aisle, Rep. Michele Bachmann called it a “temporary solution” that will “at least offer a foundation for job creation for the immediate future.”
Hardly an enthusiastic endorsement.
In an interview Monday with conservative talk show host Sean Hannity, Bachmann said it could be a “hard” vote for Republicans as well, because it would add a year of deficit-deepening unemployment benefits.
“I think we’re back in a conundrum,” Bachmann said. “I think the compromise would be extending the (Bush tax cuts) for two years and not permanently,” adding, “we cannot add on something like a year of unemployment benefits.”
Keith Ellison and some other members of the Minnesota House delegation are said to be preparing statements today. But both Minnesota senators, Democrats Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken have said nothing so far.
Spokesmen for both Klobuchar and Franken said they are “reviewing” the accord.

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