Ann Coulter is an entertainer. She is the Joy Behar of the extreme right, though not as funny or, as her new book, "Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America" demonstrates, not as relevant, either. At nearly 300 pages, "Demonic" is a tedious read. Ms. Coulter’s take on history, society and politics, however, makes for an amusing trivia game. Take the “According to Ann Coulter Quiz” below.

1. Match the Politician to the Coulter Quote
Jimmy Carter             A.   “would have sex with anything that had a pulse”
Ronald Reagan          B.   “big-eared beanpole” and “failed presidency”
Bill Clinton                  C.   “bumbling, egotistical coward” who “was a complete nincompoop”
Al Gore                       D.   “indisputably among the nation’s greatest presidents”
Bill Richardson           E.   “windbag”
Barack Obama           F.   “a very white but technically Latino governor”
     (Answers: Carter = C; Reagan = D; Clinton = A; Gore = E; Richardson = F; and Obama = B)
2. Number of times Richard Nixon lied to the country?
A.  Too many to count
B.  Once
     (Answer: B)
3. Which country “has the worst intelligence in the world” according to Coulter?
A.  Burkina Faso
B.  Monaco
C.  Paraguay
D.  United States

      (Answer: D)
4. Who “presided over the most egregious violations of Americans’ basic civil liberties in the nation’s history?”
A.  Attorney General John Ashcroft
B.  Attorney General Janet Reno
     (Answer: B)
5. Who “had veto power over all Democratic presidential candidates” for years?
A.  Bill Clinton
B.  Ted Kennedy
C.  Nancy Pelosi
D.  Al Sharpton
     (Answer: D)
6. Match the Celebrity to the Coulter Quote
Jane Fonda               A.   Keith “Olbermann’s most macho guest”
Harry Belafonte         B.   “hairy, foul-smelling revolutionaries like Che Guevara, Fidel
                                         Castro…” and this person
Rachel Maddow        C.   “forgotten 1950s calypso singer who hates America”
Susan Sarandon       D.   “most important career move was getting breast implants”
     (Answers: Fonda = D; Belafonte = C; Maddow = A; and Sarandon = B)
7. According to Coulter, the “principal purpose of the Oscars”?
A.  Recognizing excellence in the film industry
B.  Marketing movies
C.  A reason to stay up late
D.  America-bashing
     (Answer: D)
8. Which political party “overwhelmingly introduced, promoted, and passed every civil right act from the end of the Civil War right up to and including the 1964 Civil Rights Act”?
A.  Republican
B.  Democrat
     (Answer: A)
9. Coulter claims liberals hate:
A.  Tradition
B.  Morality
C.  God
D.  All of the above
     (Answer: D)
10. Who are better Christians?
A.  Liberals
B.  Conservatives
     (Answer: B)
Really. That about says it all.

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