Basketball fans know Zach LaVine can dunk. The Timberwolves young rising star has won the last two NBA slam dunk contests with his electrifying dunks that have helped bring back some hype to the All-Star weekend event.

LaVine won last year’s dunk contest by taking off from around the free-throw line, going through the legs, then soaring to the hoop for a Michael Jordan-esque finish.

None of that compares to LaVine’s most recent dunk stunt – though, surely it isn’t real – jumping off a crashing car to take an alley-oop from another dunking star Aaron Gordon. The dunk can be seen in one of Nike’s new “Unlimited You” campaign commercials.

The ad starts with a close-up of LaVine on one knee wearing a helmet and elbow guards. The narrator starts to introduce LaVine and Gordon as two of the best dunkers in the world before he realizes what is about to happen.

The narrator yells “Whoa, Zach! Zach, get off the van!” LaVine responds “Watch this.” The narrator screams “What am I looking at?!”

Decide for yourself:

The Nike campaign is intended to inspire individuals to overcome adversity and achieve dreams you never thought were possible. Other commercials show Miami Marlins Giancarlo Stanton and tennis star Serena Williams training together while Stanton hits batting practice at Williams and she returns the balls back at him. In the full-length commercial a clip shows LaVine finishing the dunk. 

LaVine returned to making dunks in the real world last week at one of his basketball camps in Vancouver. Wolves teammate Karl-Anthony Towns also appeared at one of LaVine’s camps and showed off his dunking skills against some kids.

While at the camp, LaVine caught up with Sports Illustrated on topics such as new coach Tom Thibodeau, the Wolves' young core's chemistry, first-round draft pick Kris Dunn, the future of Kevin Garnett, and much more

Here is a look at what you might see in next year’s dunk contest:


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