Law enforcement officials responded to a Shoreview call center after a “suspicious package” containing an unknown substance was found Thursday afternoon.

An envelope with a suspicious substance was discovered at the Wells Fargo Shoreview Operations Center at 1801 Park View Drive, according to Randy Gustafson, spokesman for the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies were dispatched about 2:30 p.m.

According to the sheriff’s office, Wells Fargo management evacuated the center’s 500 employees and sealed off the area where the envelope had been opened before deputies arrived.

“They did a really good job for the safety of their people,” Gustafson said of the center’s security and building management.

One person who may have come into contact with the substance was taken to the Hennepin County Medical Center for further evaluation, though the person did not appear to have any adverse symptoms.

The North Suburban Hazardous Materials Team removed the substance and sent it to the Minnesota Department of Health for testing.

The affected area was decontaminated, and there is not any suspected danger to the surrounding neighborhood, according to the sheriff’s office.

Staff report