Susan Bachman West, a fifth-generation family member who has worked for 131-year-old Bachman’s since she was a part-timer as a teenager, will become president of the Minneapolis-based floral company in June.

Bachman West, 42, a vice president, will succeed a retiring uncle, Paul Bachman, 65. She will report to CEO Dale Bachman, 65, another uncle.

“This is an extremely exciting day for Bachman’s and myself as we begin to pass the leadership baton to the fifth generation,” Bachman West said Thursday. “Many of my family members and our wonderful employees have built such a firm foundation. I’m proud to walk in their footsteps …”

Bachman West, the company’s first female president, will maintain current responsibilities for planning, merchandising, marketing of perishable products and other duties, and assume oversight of Bachman’s 670-acre Lakeville growing and wholesale operation.

Bachman West is one of three fifth-generation Bachmans involved in the business. She declined to say whether she is heir apparent to Dale Bachman, saying she’s always focused on the job at hand.