Gibson, Hughes are top quality starters

The quality start, defined as six or more innings pitched and three or fewer runs allowed, helps show how many games a starting pitcher is giving his team a chance to win — even though they don't always do so. A look at the Twins' quality starts through Friday showed that Kevin Correia has pitched better than his record indicates, and that Kyle Gibson is almost unhittable when he's at his best:

Starter QS W-L ERA

Phil Hughes 11 8-1 1.64

Kevin Correia 11 5-3 2.22

Kyle Gibson 10 7-0 0.52

Ricky Nolasco 6 2-1 2.63

Yohan Pino 2 0-0 2.08

Sam Deduno 2 1-0 3.75

But recently, a new statistic called the ultra-quality start — defined as seven or more innings and two or fewer runs allowed — helps identify those games in which a pitcher truly dominates the opposition. And the Twins' leaders look a little different in those cases; Gibson has had as many great starts as Hughes:

Starter UQS W-L ERA

Phil Hughes 7 6-1 0.88

Kyle Gibson 7 5-0 0.53

Kevin Correia 2 1-1 1.93

Yohan Pino 1 0-0 2.57

Ricky Nolasco 1 1-0 1.12

By the way, the Twins pitcher with the most quality starts in a season? It's Bert Blyleven, who had 29 quality starts in 1972. Since 2000, the most is Johan Santana, with 24 in 2004, the year the lefthander won his first Cy Young Award.