The Minneapolis area, home of the juicy lucy, has once again triumphed over other metro areas — ranking first in the annual American College of Sports Medicine’s fit cities list.

It’s the third year in a row that the Twin Cities metro area has topped the list, which measures the health and community fitness status of the 50 largest U.S. cities. Rounding out the healthiest places, according to the index, were Washington, D.C. and Portland, Ore. Among the cities deemed in need of a gym membership: San Antonio, Detroit and Oklahoma City, which placed at the bottom.

The entire rankings were:

1.    Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.
2.    Washington, D.C.
3.    Portland, Ore.
4.    San Francisco, Calif.
5.    Denver, Colo.  
6.    Boston, Mass.   
7.    Sacramento, Calif.   
8.    Seattle, Wash.  
9.    Hartford, Conn.   
10.    San Jose, Calif.  
11.    Austin, Texas  
12.    Salt Lake City, Utah  
13.    Cincinnati, Ohio 
14.    San Diego, Calif.   
15.    Raleigh, N.C. 
16.    Pittsburgh, Pa.   
17.    Baltimore, Md.  
18.    Virginia Beach, Va.
19.    Cleveland, Ohio  
20.    Richmond, Va.   
21.    Atlanta, Ga.  
22.    Providence, R.I.  
23.    Buffalo, N.Y. 
24.    New York, N.Y.   
25.    Philadelphia, Pa.  
26.    Milwaukee, Wis.  
27.    Chicago, Ill.   
28.    Kansas City, Mo.   
29.    Los Angeles, Calif.   
30.    Columbus, Ohio   
31.    St. Louis, Mo.   
32.    Nashville, Tenn.   
33.    Phoenix, Ariz.  
34.    Orlando, Fla.  
35.    Riverside, Calif. 
36.    Charlotte, N.C.  
37.    Jacksonville, Fla. 
38.    New Orleans, La.   
39.    Las Vegas, Nev.   
40.    Tampa, Fla.  
41.    Birmingham, Ala.   
42.    Miami, Fla.   
43.    Houston, Texas  
44.    Dallas, Texas   
45.    Indianapolis, Ind.  
46.    Memphis, Tenn.   
47.    Louisville, Ky.  
48.    San Antonio, Texas  
49.    Detroit, Mich.   
50.    Oklahoma City, Okla.