It might be best for the Detroit Lions if Brett Favre surprises everyone and doesn't return to the Vikings. But defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is hoping that Favre is wearing purple again this season.

Suh, the second-overall pick in the NFL draft out of Nebraska in April, wants to get an opportunity to sack the Vikings quarterback.

"The quarterback that I would most like to sack, not to hurt him by any means but it would mean quite a bit to sack a future Hall of Famer in Brett Favre," Suh said in an interview with Portland radio station KFXX (via through Pro Football Talk). "Yeah, I would definitely like to sack Favre. That would be a nice notch on my belt, the quarterbacks that I have sacked."

If Favre does return, Suh will get two chances to sack the veteran. The Lions will play the Vikings in Week 3 at the Metrodome and then again in Week 17 at Ford Field.

Meanwhile, Vikings defensive end Jared Allen told ESPN 1000 in Chicago on Thursday that he thinks Favre will return.

"If I was a betting man, and I had to put money on it today, absolutely," Allen told the station. "I hope if the answer was no, he would have already had the wherewithal to tell us that he's not coming back so we could have done something in free agency. But again, the man's earned the right to do what he pleases. He hasn't let anybody down yet, so I'm not here to start harping on it yet."

Here is the entire story with Allen's comments, including his thoughts on the Albert Haynesworth situation in Washington.

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