The snip of Vidal Sassoon's scissors changed the way women around the world do their hair -- including in the Twin Cities.

Many are remembering just how the famous hairdresser, who died at 84 last week, revolutionized the beauty industry. At his Bond Street salon in London, Sassoon created the five-point haircut and specialized in geometric cuts that characterized the swinging 1960s. The look really hit the United States when Sassoon gave Mia Farrow her pixie cut on the set of "Rosemary's Baby."

With his eponymous product line, Sassoon touted to the world, "If you don't look good, we don't look good."

Local hair-care industry insiders who came in contact with Sassoon over the years shared their memories of the iconic hairdresser.


Met Sassoon: In the 1970s, when he studied with Sassoon in 1970 before opening his eponymous salon in 1972.

Influence: "Everything I did was copied after the Sassoon organization. ... Every woman in the world, if they don't put rollers in their hair anymore, they owe it to Sassoon. When Vidal came to Minneapolis to promote his products, I said, 'Vidal, I owe you everything. If you want me to pay you a percentage of what I'm doing, I owe you and my kids owe you.'" In 2011, at an event for "Vidal Sassoon: The Movie" in Chicago: "I reminded him that I owe him a percentage of my salons. He said, 'I'll just put it on your bill; your credit is still good for me.'"


Met Sassoon: In 1962, at a hair show in England.

A vision: "He was always a gentleman. Vidal Sassoon, besides being a very attractive human being, had the ability to be quite magnetic. ... His work was very simplistic, but very precise. That was really his art. He definitely created a blueprint that is still around."

Funny story: "In England, we stayed at the same hotel and you put your shoes outside to get them polished. Once, I got his shoes and he got my shoes. He wore shoes with high heels -- the '60s look, Carnaby Street look. They made him look taller."


Met Sassoon: In the 1980s, while training and working at the salon in London.

At the salon: "I can't say I knew him as a personal friend, but he would come into the salon when I was working. There would be a whisper in the building, 'Vidal is in the building.' He would talk to me like a long-lost friend: 'Hey, David, what are you doing?' 'Tell me about the hair color; why are you doing that?' 'That looks fantastic.' ... He just made you feel special. He was a god. When he walked in the room, you talked about it for days."

Lasting legacy: "When I talk to students today, I tell them about the morning inspections. ... We had to look clean, tidy and immaculate. ... Professionalism was the key to everything. He used to cut hair in three-piece suits."


Met Sassoon: In the 1960s, when he worked briefly as an apprentice at Sassoon's salon in London. English left for Crimpers, a spinoff salon with Sassoon disciples.

At the bottom: "As an apprentice, I didn't interact with him -- it wasn't politically correct. Things were really strict. It was as disciplined as the technical approach. You didn't get to work late. You knew you were at the best place that there was. The clients were famous, and people would only get their hair done the way Sassoon did it. "

Legacy continues: "He made hairdressing hip. ... Before that, it wasn't an art."


Met Sassoon: About 12 years ago, when he attended Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, Calif.

What happened: “I got to shake his hand, and he singled me out and made the comment, 'You are the future of hair.’”


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