Fit. As we mature, our bodies change and things don’t fit the same way as they used to. Go through your wardrobe often and toss or tailor the items that don’t fit well.

Proportion. Assess your figure and buy clothes that fit your shape. Vary your proportions; for example, pair slim pants with wide tops. This can help show off those aspects of your body which you like, and camouflage the ones you don’t.

Shoes. A bad pair of shoes can ruin a look. Invest in a few pairs of quality shoes. Stay away from wide-toe shoes. A chunky shoe can make your legs look bigger.

Start small. Making changes to your style can be overwhelming and confusing. Start with your shoes and accessories, and build from there.

Hire a professional. A wardrobe consultant can help you make sense of your closet, tell you what looks good and even shop for you.