25, graduate student and nanny

Seen at: Rock the Cause's GlitterBall, which was billed as a night in Andy Warhol's Factory.

What are you wearing? My grandmother's dress that I altered, Marc Jacobs purse, Bandolino shoes.

Describe your style: Casual by day, chic by night. I love collecting jewelry from all over the world during my travels and mix-matching them into my attire. If I weren't 5 feet 11 inches tall, I would probably be a high-heel shoe hoarder. Instead, I stick to my flats and low-heel boots.

Which '60s icon would you most want to meet? George Harrison.

What do you like more, big parties or small get-togethers? Small get-togethers with a big-party vibe.

Your favorite Warhol icon? Edie Sedgwick.

What's your signature perfume? Ralph Lauren's Romance.