CEO and creative director of the Alial Fital clothing line, 31

Seen at: The NorthernGRADE men's market at Architectural Antiques in Minneapolis.

What are you wearing? Vintage Versace jacket. Alial Fital dress polo shirt, Pierrepont Hicks cockle necktie, Bonobos pants, Ferragamo suede boots.

Describe your style: Classic with a twist.

You've got some stylish footwear. What do you look for in a shoe? When picking a shoe, I look for the quality of construction and the balance between style and function.

Who's your favorite shoe designer? Ferragamo studied foot ergonomics and mastered this balance. With a size 15 foot and a severe injury from my NFL football career, this balance is key. No one does it better than Ferragamo.

Where do you go for alterations? I actually do my own. I use my wife's sewing machine, the same one I used to make the first sample shirt for Alial Fital.