Style profile: Davina Sowers, 36, Minneapolis.

Claim to fame: Singer, songwriter, bandleader and go-getter of Davina and the Vagabonds.

Personal style: Vintage. Melting pot of styles from 1890 to 1950. Sassy, bold, dramatic.

Favorite accessories to wear while performing: Colorful hats, turbans, scarves, lipstick.

Does what you wear influence your performance? I think it does. I meditate when I put my face on and pick out my outfit. It prepares me to perform. I am fierce and fearless and want to portray that on stage visually, too.

Where do you shop? I have specific hot spots I hit during my travels — hidden gems in every city. Mostly vintage stores. My favorite contemporary casual store is Free People. I love velvet and black lace, and bohemian looks on my days of rest and errand-running.

Beauty secrets: I always use a makeup primer. Even a lotion can be used as a primer (always SPF). I never leave home without lipstick or mascara. It’s fast and completely finishes any outfit. I live for coconut oil. It has endless uses. I coat my lashes with baby powder and mascara for longer lashes. I always use a lip liner when applying lipstick. A smile is your best beauty secret.

Coolest things in your closet: Rare Willson Bakelite 1924 sunglasses; 1930s to 1940s black silk organza ribbon dress with scalloped neck and hem (I have three closets full of vintage dresses); my collection of true 1920s silk and velvet kimonos; Victorian pearl and ruby collar clips.

When do you perform next? New Year’s Eve at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis, 6 & 10:30 p.m.