He -- or someone like him -- is a fixture on a campus near you.

The Rev. John Chisham, called "John the Baptist," tours public colleges preaching, a Bible in one hand and a sign in the other.

This fall, students at the Minnesota State University, Mankato, took offense at his words about gay people and women and decided to act....

This morning's story about students protesting Chisham was short. But there's much more to read about the controversy online -- including Chisham's own website.

The popular website Gawker even picked up the story, giving the students kudos:

"Since Chisham "repeatedly invites students to attend his services" during his campus diatribes, you'd think he'd be happy with the turnout, but instead he calls them "bullies." Ah, well. Some people just can't handle freedom of speech. Cheers to you, Mankato State students! Best college kids of the week, so far!"