So: Two months back, as Stu is wont to do, he submitted a Hunt Down on a couple of gentlemen formerly of the Minnesota sports scene. In this case, it was ex-Vikings radio announcers Lee Hamilton and Terry Stembridge Jr. You can read the original Hunt Down right here; what you can read below is an e-mail we received the other day from Stembridge. It arrived at 12:16 a.m., and it was awesome. Stu approves, and we have received permission from Stembridge to publish it:



I happened across your July 22, 2010 "Where Are They Now (2001 Broadcasters)" article on the Internet. I was surprised that anyone in the media remembered me. However, I appreciate that you did and wrote about it. You are correct, I am a petroleum landman in Tyler, Texas. I have been in the Oil and Gas Industry for six years now and very much enjoy it. Very few people I meet today have any idea that I was once the Voice of the Vikings. If they find out they usually don't believe it. My occupation and life are totally different from that season in 2001.

In all honesty, I felt fairly alone and exposed that season and with not much support. However, I can't blame anyone for that as I was pretty much forced on the Vikings Management and the broadcast partner, KFAN. I can't tell you though how many wonderful people I met in Minneapolis in the short time I was there and how many great friends I made. I can truly say that the people in Minneapolis were some of the nicest I have found anywhere. I think of them fondly and miss them. I still even have a few that I talk to every now and then.

Judd Zulgad wrote some pretty critical articles about me. However, he was fair and objective and I was always thankful that he was not more critical than he was. I see he has advanced with the Star Tribune and seems to be doing well. Tell him I said hello and congratulations on his success. He may be surprised to know that I have followed his career since I left Minnesota.

I wish you the same success in your career.

By the way, I am not on Twitter but I am on Facebook.

Kindest Regards,

Terry Stembridge, Jr


We explained to him that Stu was the one who wrote it, but that otherwise it was great to hear from him. That's about all. Just thought you all might be interested/entertained by this whole thing. Sounds like a good guy, no?

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