Each week, commenter RandBallsStu (branding! #hirestu) tracks down a former Minnesota sports figure about whom you might have otherwise forgotten. This works out well, except when we get yelled at by these athletes. Stu?


The Hunt Down

Name: Jeff Reboulet

Claim to Fame, Minnesota: Was Tom Kelly’s Nick Punto for your Minnesota Twins from 1992-1996.  The light-hitting, sure-handed utility infielder had his best offensive season in 1995, with 4 dingers, 23 ribbies, a .292 average and a .771 OPS.  As was expected of utility infielders at the time, Reboulet cultivated a scrappy, fundamentally-sound mustache.  It gets 7 Wilfongs out of a possible 10.

I’m Not Kidding About the Punto Thing: read this Baltimore Sun story from 1997.  For Tom Kelly, that’s the equivalent of cutting open a vein.

Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: after leaving the Twins in free agency after ’96. Reboulet lived that journeyman infielder life.  He signed with Baltimore and played in his only postseason in 1997, where he hit a home run off of Randy Johnson (!) in the Orioles’ ALDS-clinching victory over the Mariners.  (Pictorial evidence here from the Baltimore Sun.) Reboulet then moved on to the Royals, Dodgers and Pirates before retiring in 2003. 

Where He Is Now: the Dayton, Ohio native co-founded Horizon Wealth Management, which offers financial planning services for professional athletes.  The black mustache is now a tasteful, grey goatee.

Is He on Twitter: not verified, but it sure looks like it’s him.

Has He Ever Been in a Twitter Feud with Patrick Reusse: no.

Dayton, Ohio Power Rankings:

1.Kim & Kelley Deal

2.The Ohio Players

3.The Wright Brothers

4.Mike Schmidt

5.Robert Pollard

6.Dave Huffman (homer ranking #1)

7.Martin Sheen

8.Jeff Reboulet (homer ranking #2)

9.Rob Lowe

10.Nancy Cartwright

(Thanks to Twitter follower @gfunk1755 for the suggestion)

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