Each week (or at least weeks when he isn't horribly ill) commenter Stu delights you by making you remember former Twin Cities athletes you probably forgot. Stu?


The Huntdown

Name: Scottie Graham
Nickname: Was nicknamed the “Human Bowling Ball” due to his polished veneer and three holes his short, stout frame. We should note that “Scottie” is also a nickname, as his birth name is James. 
Claim to Fame, Minnesota: was the back-up/emergency starting RB for the Vikings from 1993-1996. As you may remember, he was signed by the Purple while he was working at a pharmacy after being cut by the Jets. Ran over the Packers and Chiefs during Minnesota’s 1993 late-season playoff charge (63 carries, 309 yards). Would be called upon to start six more games in 1995 when fellow Buckeye Robert Smith was injured.
Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: the Ohio State product was originally drafted by Pittsburgh, and ended his career with the Cincinnati Bengals.
Where He Is Now: is a regional director for the NFL Players Association.
Is He on Twitter: yes!
Glorious Randomness: did you want to see some Vikings promos from 1992 as introduced by some English guy? Maybe?

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