Everyone knows the drill by now. Stu, take it away:


The Huntdown
Name: Doug Brien
Claim to Fame, Minnesota: was the Minnesota Vikings placekicker for six games in 2002. Best known for a game in which he kicked extra points like Delmon Young fields a pop fly (TOPICAL!), which was responsible for one of the all-time great meltdowns from KFAN radio analyst Joe Senser (“Get the hell out of here!”). Was eventually replaced by Gary Anderson, whose job Brien had usurped in the off-season.
Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: was the 49ers 3rd-round pick out of Cal in 1994 and won a Super Bowl ring that season. Much like every other NFL placekicker ever, became a journeyman, with stops in New Orleans, Indianapolis, Tampa Bay, New York (Jets), and Chicago. Jets fans will tell you at profane length that Brien has had worse days kicking the ball than just missing two extra points in an indoor stadium.
Where He Is Now: he is quite active in the California real estate market.
Is He On Twitter: it appears so. Just from researching (stop laughing) this Hunt Down, I am confident in saying that if you need a place to live in California, and you want to work with a former Vikings placekicker, Doug Brien is your guy. (Apologies to Paul Edinger if he has a California real estate license.)
Glorious Randomness: prior to Brett Favre, Doug Brien was one of six players to wear the number 4 for Minnesota. The others: Archie Manning, Dale Dawson, Donald Igwebuike, Mike Saxon, and Eddie Johnson.

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