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The Hunt Down
Name: Adrian Cooper
Claim to Fame, Minnesota: played tight end for the Minnesota Vikings in 1994 and 1995. He was acquired from the Steelers for 3rd and 6th-round draft picks. The Steelers used that 3rd-round pick to draft Jason Gildon. Cooper’s numbers for the Purple: 50 receptions, 570 yards, 0 TDs. Gildon’s numbers for the Steelers: 77 sacks, 3 Pro Bowls.   I declare Pittsburgh the winner of that trade.
Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: is a product of the University of Oklahoma, where he’s best known for a catching a Hail Mary pass in the 1990 Oklahoma/Oklahoma State “Bedlam” rivalry game as time expired in the first half. 
Where He Is Now: jail. After his NFL career ended, Cooper became a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch, where he defrauded investors out of an estimated $400,000. Cooper pleaded guilty to lesser charges, was ordered to pay restitution to his victims and Merrill Lynch, and was sentenced to over six years in prison. While in prison, Cooper has been acquitted of assaulting a fellow inmate, so he’s got that going for him.
Is He on Twitter: No.
Glorious Randomness: the Hail Mary mentioned above is apparently known as the Cale Mary, so named because the quarterback was Cale Gundy, brother of current OSU head coach Mike Gundy. Cale is now running backs coach for the Sooners and, at 38 years old, is very close to being a man, being 40, like his brother before him.

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