Commenter RandBallsStu (branding!) delights you by tracking down every week a former Minnesota sports figure about whom you might have otherwise forgotten. Usually, this doesn't result in an angry phone call. Sometimes it does. Stu?


The Hunt Down

Name: Brian Buscher
Claim to Fame, Minnesota: a third baseman for your Minnesota Twins from 2007-09. Played only occasionally in Ought-Seven, but split time at what ball guys call “the hot corner” (so named because it’s located at the corner of the diamond, and many of the balls hit that way are hit hard, or “hot” in the game’s vernacular) with Mike Lamb in 2008 and Joe Crede in 2009.  
Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: was drafted by the Giants out of the University of South Carolina in the third round of the 2003 MLB Amateur Draft, and was with the organization until the Twins picked him up with a Rule V pick. Signed with Cleveland after the 2009 season but never played another major league game, making Brian Buscher another Twin-for-life, just like Hrbie and Kirby.
Where He Is Now: is back in South Carolina as an assistant coach for the Cocks’ baseball team. In 2012, he coached the Columbia Blowfish to the Coastal Plains League championship, meaning there are giant championship rings with “BLOWFISH” on them and they don’t belong to either Darius Rucker or Hootie superfan/local media gadfly Dana Wessel. He and his wife Sarah have two daughters.
Is He on Twitter: not verified, but I’m reasonably sure this is him
Has He Ever Been in a Twitter Feud with Patrick Reusse: no.
Glorious Randomness: Columbia, South Carolina, has been home to a number of different minor league teams, but you should know that two of them were named the Commies and the Sandlappers for reasons that probably make sense if you live there. Also, you may think it, but “The Commies and the Sandlappers” is NOT a Decemberists b-side.

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